Commercial law and company law
  • Representation of the client in proceedings before commercial and arbitration courts, representation in proceedings for registration in the court register and representation before regulatory bodies (AZTN, HANFA, HAKOM)
  • Drafting of documentation for status changes (mergers and acquisitions, divisions, transformations)
  • Drafting of normative acts and drafting and analysis of commercial contracts
  • Legal advice in liquidation, pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy procedures and drafting of claims and other documents
  • Representation in procedures for forced collection of claims (shares, business shares, salaries, real estate, vehicles, vessels)
  • Advising on the possibilities and ways of realising claims
  • Drafting the proposal for enforcement, composition of temporary and preliminary security measures to protect the client's assets
  • Drafting the contract on software creation and licences
  • Consultation and drafting of internal acts related to the protection of personal data (GDPR)
Land registry law and legal relations concerning real estate
  • Analysis of the state of the real estate in the cadastre and land registries and acquisition of all types of documents and harmonisation of the state of the real estate in the cadastre and land registries
  • Drafting contracts of sale, rental, lease, construction, pledge and fiduciary contracts and registering any types of entries in land registries
  • Registration of special parts of real estate - condominium ownership
  • Registration of easements and encumbrances
  • Determining the right of ownership through court, dissolution of co-ownership
  • Representation in individual legal proceedings
  • Expropriation procedures
  • Other legal actions in the field of land registry law and legal relations concerning real estate, as well as the preparation and handling of all disputes before administrative and judicial bodies concerning real estate (especially disputes arising from the construction project concerning subcontractors, suppliers, compensation for damages, delays in handing over real estate to the investor, etc., disputes arising from lease and rental relationships)
Administrative procedures and public procurement
  • Drafting of all documentation in public procurement procedures and legal counselling
  • Representation in public procurement procedures
  • Representation in proceedings before the State Commission for Control of Public Procurement Procedures
  • Representation in tax and customs control procedures
  • Legal counselling in connection with accounting and tax regulations that are applied in the economic operations of legal entities
  • Consulting in the preparation and implementation of EU projects
Compensation law and insurance law
  • Legal counselling, calculation of the amount of damage, preparation and submission of a claim for compensation in a peaceful out-of-court proceeding
  • Legal counselling and representation in all compensation procedures (contractual and non-contractual relations)
  • Compensation for damage caused by information published in the media
Employment law
  • Drafting internal rules of operation, employment contracts and other acts in the field of employment law
  • Monitoring regulations in the field of employment law and harmonising internal acts
  • Representation in all types of labour disputes and out-of-court settlement of labour disputes
  • Contractual and legal prohibition of competition between employees and employers
  • Consulting in connection with the employment of foreigners, especially obtaining work and business permits for foreigners, as well as temporary and permanent residence
Inheritance law, legacies, family law
  • Representation in legacy proceedings
  • Drafting of all types of wills and revocations of wills
  • Representation in the procedure for claiming a necessary part of the inheritance
  • Drafting of contracts on the assignment and distribution of assets during life, gift contracts, lifelong support agreements and support until death agreements
  • Drafting of marriage contracts